The Orion Digital Imaging System

The Orion Digital Imaging System connects to any existing scanning electron microscope.

  • It is fully compatible with Microsoft's Windows Operating Systems 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP.
  • The software digitizes in any size between 16x16 pixels and 8192x8192 pixels, a function of the SEM.
  • The minimum computer configuration requirement: pentium or AMD 500 MHz with 256 Mbyte memory.
  • The minimum monitor requirement: 17 or 21 inch with resolutions of 1024x768, 1280x1024, or 1600x1200.

Detailed Features:

  • It is 100% compatible for your SEM
  • There is very low noise level due to unique optical isolation on board
  • Its programmability over sampling factor dramatically reduces image noise in real time
  • Grabbed images are immediately available to the user in computer memory
  • Images are stored in full resolution
  • There are 256 gray levels per pixel (frame integration uses 16 bits per pixel during grabbing)
  • Transfer to any other application is done through the clipboard
  • You can make contrast & brightness image adjustments
  • The image compression engine is selectable and enhanced to reduces image size on disk by 90% with limited image degradation
  • Most image file formats are supported; tiff, bmp, tga, jpg
  • Remote drive capability is programmable through the use of dedicated DLLs and the programming package
  • Image transfer between applications is done through the clipboard and can be used for fast transfers to image processors or archives

Important Features:

The Orion board is electrically floating.
This lowers the noise that can be induced by the ground loop in the cable connection itself, & guarantees full security when connecting to any SEM. The result is a noise-free image with the best signal to noise ratio. The pixel jitter (error in positioning of the image pixels) is zero which guarantees true high resolution.

Programmable Macro Commands
Macro commands are extremely useful if you are repeating the same sequence of actions. You can create additional buttons in the main toolbar, so that just one mouse click tells the system to execute sequential actions. For example, imagine grabbing an image, printing a copy and saving it on your hard drive - just in one click! This feature is unique and helps the user optimize his job on the SEM.

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