Routine Maintenance

During the service contract your scanning electron microscope shall receive two routine maintenance visits.

  1. Cleaning of the electron optics
  2. Calibration of the electronics
  3. Repair and / or replacement of any part or components causing substandard performance

Emergency Service

Emergency Service is provided with first priority service. It is unlimited and at no additional cost to the contract holder.


Operational training of the scanning electron microscope is unlimited.

Per Diem Service

  • An estimated cost of repair can usually be predetermined prior to an actual on-site visit.
  • Portal-to-portal expenses can be estimated and provided as part of the estimate.
  • Service visits are scheduled at pre-agreed times.
  • We provide knowledgeable and experienced factory trained service engineers capable of diagnosing and correcting any problems while on location.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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